The BHNSeed tomato breeding program was established in 1980 in Naples Florida to improve yield, quality, and disease resistance for its parent company, Gargiulo, Inc., which is the largest fresh market tomato shipper in the U.S. The program has expanded since that time to include varieties adapted to different climates of the world.

BHNSeed ventured into the international seed trade in the late 1980s and domestic seed sales in 1998. Today, BHNSeed is a seed market leader in various countries while continuing to expand in new markets.

BHNSeed success is based on an extensive and focused breeding program with breeding stations located in Florida, California, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. Our superior hybrids are developed by classical plant breeding techniques and intense selection in different environments. Field trials of new experimental hybrids are conducted by distributors in countries with different climate, cultural, and soil conditions. The most adapted hybrids are selected for trial and potential sales.

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